Interactive & Informative.

The Trident Almanac App, is a new experience built around the Existing “Trident Almanac”. Users can now access the Trident Almanac on mobile, with many exclusive features not found on the desktop version.


Almanac Evolved

The app is broken down into six sections.

  • Flipbook
  • Your List
  • Brand Lists
  • Recipes
  • Masterlist
  • Bar-Tinder


The Flipbook functions identically to the desktop version of the Almanac. Products can be clicked, videos can be watched, and zooming can be done on each page.

Your List

Your List is a new feature that functions similar to a “favorites” section. Products, and recipes can be added to your list from anywhere in the Almanac. Once products are added to your list, users can open, or share them with others in bulk through email, text, or other means.


Brandlists are now in a separate area of the Almanac, allowing users to quickly view the brand lists for whatever alcohol they need, without the need to flip through the entire catalog.

Recipe Library

Any of the cocktail videos (previously, or currently featured) are available for viewing in the new Recipes section. This is not limited to cocktails featured in the Almanac, nor limited to video recipes, text based recipes can be accessed. This serves as a library of Cocktails for the user to explore, and even add to their favorites and share if they choose to.


In addition to the normal Brandlists, users can now access a Masterlist of a region. This is all of the Brandlists from a specific region compiled into a single list.


“Bar-tinder” is a new feature, exclusive to the app. It allows users to be shown random products, and swipe left and right to add them to your list.