Opportunity in Action

Award-winning and innovative. O.F. is the nation’s leading non-profit small business lender located in San Francisco, CA, tackling inequality in the economic landscape. O.F. helps low-income entrepreneurs help themselves, create jobs and strengthen the economy. Providing small business loans that have a big impact.

Project Info

Opportunity Fund
Logo, Branding, Branding Guidelines

Economic Mobility

The new logo created for O.F. boasts an identifier that is a significant departure from the existing identity, and focuses on the core values, strategy, and mission of the organization; Driving Economic Mobility by delivering opportunities to hardworking entrepreneurs and communities.

A new user experience.

UP Design worked with the O.F. marketing team to develop a comprehensive identity and communications system for the organization.
The project included:

  • Logo
  • Branding guidelines
  • Business package design
  • Print communications
  • Signage
  • Electronic communications/ Presentations