Samsung Lighting

Everyone knows Samsung as the phone and TV giant with revenues topping 305 billion dollars. But Samsung is involved globally in a range of services and products from construction to medical devices. In preparation for Lighting Fair, the largest annual lighting industry event with more than 25,000 attendees, Samsung worked with UP to create both the consumer and B2B, trade show, marketing, and in-store materials. This was a new market for Samsung, so positioning, tone, and a complete look and feel had to be established from the ground up.

Project Info

Product Campaign, Print, Motion

The Big Event

UP delivered—producing display banners, commercial market literature, technical sell sheets, and animations for the commercial, retail and hospitality markets. The animations were integrated into the substantial trade show presence created by Sparks out of Philadelphia.

In-store Presence

UP extended the consumer materials to include several in-store display designs. UP’s familiarity with the requirements of the BIG Box stores and their approval process was critical to smooth development.