Building a Concept.

UP Design and the Bravitas Group have a common interest in respecting the beauty of the past and creating innovative designs that will stand the test of time. We worked together to develop advertising and identity programs for Bravitas that are true to this approach, including the identity for the latest project, the Wilson.

Project Info

The Bravitas Group
Logo design, Print Advertisement

Modern, but faithful.

The Wilson was originally designed and built as bank in 1921. The building boasts classic architecture of the period. The redevelopment was sensitive to retain and showcase key historic details, while creating modern, clean spaces. The logo and identity created for The Wilson were designed to present the same qualities.


Creating Possibilities

The Bravitas Group’s mission extends far beyond real estate. They are committed to improving the communities they work in, by engaging in event sponsorships and philanthropy, as well saving these community’s most treasured landmarks. UP needed to convey a complex message in a series of advertising opportunities.