The Art of Automation

MW Control Solutions creates software solutions that blend age-old customs with modern technologies, so that none of that unique craftsmanship is lost with hyper-expansion. UP Design developed an innovative, trustworthy, and efficient website for MWCS.

Project Info

MW Control Solutions


Turnkey Solutions.

The experienced engineers at MWCS provide superb solutions,including system design, PLC programming, testing, and simulation, as well as installation. The new website presents their services in a way that prospective clients can easily understand.

Craftsmanship and Quality.

The case studies highlight some of MW Control Solution’s main accomplishments. The featured projects include Waterford, Teelings Whiskey, and LacPatrick, to name a few. UP design put a great deal of thought into the presentation of these projects. The website tells the stories of MWCS’s goals, process, and achievements through every experience. It invites viewers to understand how the company operates and it engages them in their journey.