Restore Your Glow

The Finally Lightbulb Company needed to introduce themselves to the public with a smart, compelling and modern brand image. Working with the in-house marketing team, as well as external PR and and social media teams, UP provided the development of all communications and advertising materials. The first and foremost goal was to begin crafting the appropriate brand experience for potential buyers, retailers and press prior to the initial product release. The logo creation was one of the first critical pieces, shortly followed by collateral, packaging and the development of an online presence. The web site has quickly become the hub for  all media, and buyer inquires.

Project Info

Branding, Website, Package Design, In-store displays


Continuing to shine.

On the strength of the product and the visual appeal of the brand Finally has increased its distribution footprint from 23 retail outlets to more than 1,400, including Staples and Ace Hardware.